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Carol Murphy

Using a stability ball, Carol leads the viewer through fun and unique cardio combinations, core work and tough lower body sets for a full body challenge. The approximate length is 51 minutes, however Carol does offer 2 premixes of Cardio or Core only.

The workout was produced by the same company that did Petra Kolber's most recent workouts. (Carol has been a background exerciser for Petra & others so it was nice to see her in front of the camera!) The set is visually attractive and the music was upbeat.

The dvd is chaptered as follows:
*Total Workout
*Cardio Workout
*Core Workout
*Lower Body Bonus
*Alternate Workouts (this contains the 2 premix options)

The Alternate Workouts (premixes) consist of these 2 options:


*Cardio 1 "Warmup"
*Cardio 2 "Rock & Bounce"
*Cardio 3 "Skate"
*Cardio 4 "Seated Pony"


*Core 1 "Incline Crunches"
*Core 2 "Bridge Lift"
*Core 3 "Back Extensions"
*Core 4 "Plank Tuck/Pushups"
*Core 5 "Side Bends/Leg Lift/Roll Out"
*Core 6 "Lower Body Bonus"
*Cool Down

The workout is basic and easy to follow so even beginners can follow along. (Lindsay and Abbie Appel join Carol, Lindsay offering easy modifications while Abbie ups the intensity) Carol's clear & concise instructions will keep you on pace. Nothing fancy (step touches, circles, presses, bouncing the ball), all moves flow together nicely.

The cardio begins with a single, single double bounce of the ball (all while swaying the hips). You'll then add 2 steps right, 2 steps left while bouncing the ball like it was a basketball. (Carol always adds harder progressions throughout each sequence but you can always follow Lindsay if you choose) Next you'll be rolling the ball like a skater. Then you'll "run" after the ball. (don't worry, the ball shouldn't get away from you!) Lunges to the side and squats are added next. (you'll rotate from the waist so you'll be working the mid section as a bonus) Carol even does cardio while sitting on the ball. She does a fun little combo consisting of marches, lunges, kicks, pony steps and jogs.

The core work contains a lot of variety, working first through basic crunches on the ball and up to side lying oblique work. (lots of extra's including back extensions, pushups, leg lifts and roll outs are also demonstrated)

The workout concludes with a gentle stretch. Carol incorporates the ball as a prop which helps to intensify the stretches.

If you enjoyed Patrick G's ball workout, you'll love this one! The length is good for a quick, core/lower body emphasis workout.

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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