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Turbo Jam: Total Body Blast

Chalene Johnson

Turbo Jam Total Body Blast is the newest turbo jam workout in the series. It uses a stability ball throughout the entire workout and is 60 min long. She starts off with a great warm up, which includes squats with the ball between your legs, and then adds in some punches and a stretch. A little different from the usual TJ warm up. Then she goes into a circuit style workout which is includes a cardio blast - only lasts a few minutes. It gets your heart rate up, but doesnt last very long. She also includes numerous ab workout out the ball, legs and upper body. Its very dynamic and has a lot of fun moves in it, and after a while your arms tire out because of holding the ball. It moves very quickly and is very fun, just like the last Turbo Jam series. There is a lot of use of the ball but it just adds variety into my rotation. Its not the toughest workout i've done, but for days where I want to go lighter and have a good time, this is the perfect workout.

Instructor comments: Chalene is her normal perky and upbeat self. Great cueing and attitude. Always a fun instructor to workout with

january 12 2007

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