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Turbo Jam: Kickin Core

Chalene Johnson

First let me say that I am an advanced exerciser and am challenged by Mindy, Cathe and Billy lately. This workout, although very fun, did not challenge me. However, and that's a big however; if I'm not in the mood to work out and want to do any old thing to work up a sweat and have a ton of fun to boot; I will totally do this one! You will sweat no matter how advanced you are and your muscles will feel the exercises regardless. The first 1/2 hour is cardio, one turbo (which is a very high paced cardio lasting a few minutes, and the rest was just a lot of those "karate" type moves. The last 15 minutes is core stuff on the ball which was really fun! This is not one to do when you're having tons of energy and want to work out HARD. (Not if you're advanced, anyway), but beginners, low/high intermediates, this workout is a must have!

Instructor comments: I absolutely adore Chalene. She is the best instructor, hands down, that I have ever "worked out with". She comes across as extremely friendly, caring, hi-energy, encouraging, supportive and boy can she move! I truly just love her and I post here a lot and don't believe I have said that about any other instructor.

Denise Berger
January 18, 2007

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