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TurboJam: 20 minute Jam

Chalene Johnson

This is a good one to have on hand for me.

With 2 kids under 8, and a full time job out of the house, workout time is hard-won.

Sometimes I am able to find 20 minutes at the start of the day, or while the kids are watching tv - where I can just go all out, even if a longer workout has to wait until my husband gets home.

The workout itself is not as fun as either of the cardio parties.

The song "Party train" is used, which is a old favorite of mine.

Instructor comments: See my other reviews


This is great. I didn't think I could break a sweat in 20 minutes but I did. I love the music and the moves. I don't think I'd buy this as an individual. I bought the whole set and I am very glad I did. I know more advanced exercisers are adding this to the cardio parties for a hour long workout with 2 turbos. That's my goal!!

Instructor comments: I love Chalene! She's sort of goofy and very funny. She doesn't cue all the way through but I didn't have a problem with that as by the time she stopped I knew what I was doing. She has great pointers to form. I think she talks just enough (i don't like instructors that talk the whole way through)


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