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CLX Burn Intervals

Chalene Johnson

Burn Interval and Extreme Abs

I donít own the whole CLX, and this is the only workout of the set Iíve tried. I really like it and felt challenged by it!

Chalene states clearly that this is an endurance workout, and she only uses 5lbs. for the weighted work. I certainly didnít want to use more than 5lbs, and in a few instances I used less. There are some moves Ė like the bent over row Ė where 2 minutes with five pounds had my back aching. I finished it, but next time I think Iíll drop to 4lbs. I went down to 3lbs. for the tricep extensions.

The workout alternates between cardio/plyometric moves that get your heart rate up and active recovery low weight/high rep work. Thereís only a few seconds rest in between moves. Chalene offers modifications up and down Ė adding bands or jumps to increase intensity, going low impact to decrease. I did all the intensity upward modifications (used band, added jumps) for the cardio moves, but I decreased the poundage on some of the weighted moves.

I love circuits, and I often do Catheís High Step Training Advanced and Boot Camp. Burn Intervals is not as challenging as HSTA, but I think it is (cardio wise) on par with Boot Campówhat Cathe accomplishes with higher weight, Chalene makes up for in longer cardio sprints and reduced rests (make sure you have bands and weights in place before you start!). I love the skaters with bands, jumping jacks with bands, and the sumo burpees. These get the heart-rate up.

I added Extreme abs at the end to get in an hour workout and to include ab work. This has a lot of Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick moves (punches up and down from crunch position, bicycles, planks), but again reduced rests between moves. Itís not killer, but the pace keeps the burn going.

This breakdown of Burn Intervals was posted on one of the vf threads, and I printed it out so Iíd know what to expect. If youíre an intensity junkie, you can add one pound hand weights to the cardio and plyo moves. You need to have everything at hand, however, because there are only a few seconds between moves.

Burn Interval breakdown:46:15 minutes
Warm-up 4:19
Jump Rope drills 1:30
Bicep curls (varied angles and speeds) 2:20
Speed Skate with/without toning band around ankles 1:30
Overhead Shoulder Press 1:50
Kickboxing Drills 2:13
Lunges stationary/knee lift (no weights)1:30
Lunge Jump shot (lunges w/jump-no weights) 1:20
Bent over row 2:20
Plyometric Bowler's lunge 1:30
Bent over tricep extension R/L/overhead 2:30
Kickboxing drills with or without toning band 2:00
Lateral raises 2:00
Sumo Burpees 20 your own pace
Bicep curls (half way up, rotate out, lift) 2:30
Plyo reverse lunges alternating 1:30
Weighted standing crunches 2:15
Kickboxing drills 1:20
Jumping Jacks high knees w/ or w/ot toning band
Lower Body Blast(standing leg extensions forward, rear, side, squats)
cool down

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February 17, 2009

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