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CIA 8004 Let Go! Hi/Lo

Roberto Melani This video is just 60 minutes long (which is very short for CIA video). It has a warm-up, 38 minutes of hi/lo, cool down and an very short ab section. The hi/lo is more lo than high, but you can make it as high as you like. Nothing really complicated. Double knees, lunges, mambas with cha cha's all accented with shoulders and arm movements. It was fun and the music enjoyable. The soundtrack is one from a couple of other CIA's, but one that I enjoy. They did sneak that *StepMax* music in the end, with the abs, I think. I would rate the intensity as intermed/advanced and give the overall video as a B. It would another one of those CIA's that I would recommend to an intermediate exerciser who wants to try a CIA workout.

Instructor comments: I first met Roberto in CIA 6002 The Future Workout along with Calvin Wiley. I enjoyed both men , but particularly Roberto. He's high energy and I like his *style*. A bit dancy/funky, but very easy to follow. He is Italian and has just a tiny bit of an accent, which is cute; but you don't have any trouble understanding him.


Roberto Melani

CIA 8004: Let Go! High/Low!

This is a fun high/low workout, but it's at an intermediate intensity. He builds the combos slowly, and while you're in "learning mode," your heart rate goes way down. Despite that, the workout is fun because the choreography is very good and Roberto is easy to follow. There's also a short ab section at the end. The total workout, including warmup and cooldown, is 55 minutes. Grade B-.

Instructor comments: Roberto Melani is charming and a good instructor. I wouldn't mind seeing him in some more videos, but only with more advanced intensity.

Annie S.

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