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CIA 8002: DCAC Stepping

This is one of the shortest and easiest CIA videos, and in my opinion, it's pretty disappointing. 8002 consists of a warmup, 40 minute step workout with weight intervals, a cooldown and ab work. The step intervals are not very well designed. The first one starts with a heel straddle and hop turn followed by a mambo. However, the hop turn doesn't gracefully connect with the mambo; you have to awkwardly turn the other way and switch feet. Another combo has the step vertical when it really should be horizontal; it's hard to tell which foot you should be on. The weight intervals aren't set up very well, either. On the first set, I can't figure out whether I'm supposed to be working my shoulders or back. I did this workout twice and can't get myself to like it. If you're interested in an intermediate step/weight interval workout, Arms and Abs of Steel 2000 with Webb/York/Richardson and CIA 5002 with Robert Sherman are both better than this. I hope CIA tries again at putting out a good intermediate video. Grade: C

Instructor comments: Instructors Suzanne Olson and Mary Lee Kintner are likeable and enthusiastic. If only their choreography was up to snuff, I would have enjoyed working out with them.

Sue Bryant

Suzanne Olson & Mary Lee Kintner

CIA 8002: DCAC Stepping

This is a one-hour circuit workout (but it is called interval on the box). You alternate toning exercises with stepping. The step choreography and intensity are intermediate, and the toning is beginner/intermediate. Advanced exercisers probably will not find it very interesting or challenging, but intermediate- level exercisers might get some good use out of it. Grade C.

One other note: On the back of the box, it says that Mary Lee has a video called Mega- Sculpt that was rated as one of the 50 greatest videos of all time by New Body magazine. I've never heard of that video, though. Come to think of it, I don't think I've heard of that magazine, either. The box also says Mary Lee has written three fitness-related books.

Instructor comments: Both instructors seem about average as far as instructors go. Nothing really outstanding or negative about either one.

Annie S.

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