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CIA 7001:Double Trouble

This is a very good workout. The cueing is poor, but once you learn the tape, you can really have some great fun. This was my 2nd CIA that I acquired (the 1st was a big flop), so I didn't have high hopes for this one. I viewed it , and saw that it was dancy(Which I hate), but went ahead and tried it. WOW! The hi/lo is complex and flows from move to move very nicely. The step portion has I few cool moves I haven't seen before and keeps the pace cooking. The cardio combat is martial art moves put together in a aerobic format - so you're not actually learning self-defense; Anf it's really fun. It also has a body sculpting segment - but I don't do that section, so I can't tell you what it's like. All in all, this is goona be a tape which will never make the video exchange.

Instructor comments: Sherry Catlin almost talks in a monotone, certainly not perky (but not "cold" either.) Junior has a spanish accent that can be hard to understand and he has poor cueing.


I have to totally disagree with Germaine about the video. It is the worst CIA tape I have ever done - not one segment out of four was salvagable. Junior's hi/lo was so unenjoyable, with marches in place till the cows come home. Never ending, marching, marching, marching, while he was showing the moves, which were very simple. I just had to jog and do my own jacks to get through this portion and try the step. Sherry's step was nothing special - she seemed very stiff and had no personality. There were some plyometrics, but the cueing was poor. Cardio Combat was just as bad with all that "keeping the feet on the ground" while doing arm movements. It was slower than a cool down. I fast forwarded to the toning which had only arm work with tubing - I did this section but followed it with Cory's arm tape. The box says there is an ab section but I didn't see it. Two thumbs down!!

MaryAnn Parker

TOTAL BLAST is the only phrase that sufficiently describes Junior's high/low workout on this tape. I have such a *great* time doing this. It's a little on the dancy side, set to very good music, and Junior's teaching and personality are the icing on the cake. (Not to mention his good looks.) Even though his choreography is dancier than a lot, he always starts off by showing you a base move that you can keep doing if you want. He then takes the base move and adds tons of turns, fancy arm movements, etc. I usually just do my own arm movements, because I'm not really into "fancy" arms. (Besides, they're too hard to remember!) There is one move in here that I haven't yet had the guts to try. Before he shows it, he says not to do it unless you feel secure. Well, when I see him do it, I immediately become insecure. But it looks so fun, I'm going to try it one of these days. He calls it a double turn. You're simply turning around twice, but it's pretty fast. I can see myself falling on my behind on that one!

Next is step with Sherry Catlin. This is also fun, but lower-key than Junior's high/ low. Sherry is quieter and not as charismatic, but she is still a very good instructor and I like this section, too.

The third part is cardio combat, again with Sherry. I got pretty bored with this. It's not as intense as what I want, so I won't be doing this part anymore.

Finally, there's a short strengthening section with Junior, using an exertube. It's upper body, and it just "flows" so well from one move to the next. It's short, but enjoyable and effective. On the back of the box, it says that this section is 27 minutes and includes abs. But there are no abs, and it's really more like 20 minutes.

I will continue to do this tape for a long time to come, and just fast-forward through the cardio combat section. My grade for this is A.

Annie S.

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