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CIA Dynamix 6002: The Future Workout

Robert Melani and Calvin Wiley

This is my first CIA tape, and it's grown on me so much, I can't wait for the others to arrive. Everything is movement, and both Melani and Wiley build their routines by adding on, running them through fromthe beginning, then adding on again. Robert Melani warms up with a fun short routine, then Calvin Wiley leads the warm up stretch. He's interested in "interesting arms" (which I'm not) so I do my own warm up. Wiley goes into his lo segment of the hi/lo, and it is a lot of fun. You need some room, but you work without dying. Defintely low impact. Melani follows with what, for me, is too high a high impact. He's on the balls of his feet a lot. So, now I do his warm up, Wiley's low impact, and cut to the end, to finish the hi/lo section where the two routines weave together. Quite impressive!

Then Melani does a step segment that I like more and more. My first experience with advnced power /turn moves.

The floor (lo, hi-lo) and step sections come to about an hour. Wiley then leads a funk section which I love to watch, but I don't do. He cools us down, and then Melani does fairly straightforward abs.

I recommend the tape. I didn't order Melani's 8004. If he had another with step, however, I would get it.

Instructor comments: Roberto Melani is very athletic, powerful, and his moves are well-defined. He appears to really enjoy both his own routines and working with Calvin. Calvin Wiley is a choreographer, and his segments, the lo (or the hi/lo) and the funk clearly show his love of dance. The two work well off of each other, one being very much the athlete, the other, the dancer.


This video is very, very dancy (mostly funky) and even though I don't possess a "funk" gene, I love to do it. It starts out with a warm-up with Roberto. I never knew warm-ups to be this much fun; not the usual basic things (marches, and more marches while doing inhales). Then Calvin does the stretch - this is the first cue that Calvin is a dancer - very dramatic. Next, is low impact with Calvin and alot of fun and even more dancy (funky in this case). Grapevines with cha cha cha's, funky jumps, fake outs, saches... the whole time Calvin is adding "interesting arms" and Flavor. Then Roberto does hi (very, very little lo). I love this portion. Hoppping, jacks, shuffling, front kicks, side kicks, turns (lots of turning - which I also LOVE) and lunges. After that, Roberto teaches step. First horizontal, then vertical. I wish Roberto would make another video with step. Over the top, hops turns; he shows the move first low, then he adds the higher impact version. This was the fisrt video I had seen "speed stepping". Another of my favorites. The last segment of the video is Calvin's. Funk! Even too much for me even to attempt; but boy, he is great. The man really has the moves. From what I see, the heartrate would drop drastically compared to the rest of the video. He demonstrates more than anything - Jamaican man, butterfly and others. Not do-able for me, but maybe for others. Overall, if you like to be funky and want a good workout, Calvin and Roberto are it. I give this video an A.

Instructor comments: I enjoy these 2 men alot. They both talk about putting "flavor" into the moves (be more expressive), and they do. They're just as much fun to watch as it is to do the workout. Calvin has to be a dancer - very "flavorful" and dramatic. Roberto is VERY athletic - he LOVES to jump. I have his 8004 video and swear he must have springs in his legs. And a very cute Italian accent.


This workout contains three segments plus a warmup and cooldown, for a total length of 2 hours.

The first workout is high/low. Calvin teaches a very dancy routine first and then Roberto teaches a slightly dancy but more athletic routine. Then the two are combined. I found Calvin's part dancier than what I can handle, so I got frustrated.

Next is Planet Step with Roberto. I really like this, and I'm keeping this tape solely for this section. I think Roberto is better at putting together step routines than high/low, judging from this tape and the other CIA tape that he's on. This section is a lot of fun, and there are power moves that you can do or not do depending on how you're feeling that day. I plan to do this 30-minute segment in conjunction with strength work or another short cardio workout.

Finally, there's Bust A Move, which is a funk workout by Calvin. This is way out of my league, so I didn't even try it. Calvin is fascinating to watch, though.

Funk enthusiasts will probably rate this tape an A or A+, but for someone like me who can handle a little bit of dance, but is extremely funk-impaired, you probably won't like it (except for Roberto's Planet Step).

Instructor comments: Calvin is definitely a dancy kind of guy. I can't keep up with him, but dancers will probably adore him. Roberto is a mixture of danciness and athleticism, so he was easier for me to follow.

Annie S.

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