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CIA 4005

Carol Lapidus, Maria Latran, Anthony De Maio, Margery Mina, Ken Mossman

This is an "okay" video; nothing to write home about. I think this one would qualify as intermediate intensity.

It starts with a funk workout by Carol Lapidus, who I really like. Unfortunately, my body and funk don't get along too well. But if your body will cooperate and you like to dance, you might like this.

Next is Maria Latran with a low-impact floor workout. I'm a high-impact-lover, but I think if I were into low-impact, I would really like this. It looks like a very fun routine. One thing, though, I think she needs to add a little enthusiasm in her movements. Sometimes she seemed like she was bored. Nevertheless, I think this would be a good workout for an intermediate exerciser looking for low impact. Oh, by the way -- Maria is 5 months pregnant in the video. I couldn't even tell! Greg Twombly mentions it at the beginning of the video, but I would never have guessed.

The third workout is Anthony De Maio with step. This is a dancy-type routine that looked like a blast when I previewed it. But when I actually did it, I didn't get the intensity I had expected. Again, a very good choice for a dancy intermediate exerciser.

Finally, Margery Mina and Ken Mossman teach a slide routine. I don't have a slide, so I didn't do this part.

Overall, this is not up to the standards we've come to expect from CIA. However, for an intermediate-level workout, I would give it an A or A-. I think exercisers at this level would find it challenging enough and fun at the same time.

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Annie S.

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