Video Fitness

CIA 3004

Greg Twombly, Franny Benedetto, P.J. O'Clair, Sherrie Donahue

The only word for this 2-hour video is excellent! It starts with Greg Twombly with a warmup and high/low. The music is energetic and fun, and so are the combos.

Then comes Franny with more high/low. I almost didn't recognize her the first time -- she has black hair! Her hair might have changed, but her fantastic teaching style and choreography have not. This is my favorite section. Lots of high-impact with fun moves.

Third is P.J. O'Clair. She teaches step. It starts off a little low-key, but after an hour of Greg and Franny, I need a break. She gradually increases the intensity, and pretty soon you're back in full gear. P.J.'s cueing is excellent, and she's easy to follow. She does mess up a few times, but it's not enough to frustrate you or anything.

Finally is Sherrie Donahue with street/hip-hop/ funk aerobics. I don't do this section, so I won't review it. But it does look fun for those who aren't as funk-impaired as I am. (Good music, too.) In this video, each instructor does 3 or 4 separate combos. You don't build one big routine from beginning to end. I found myself wanting to go back and "do it from the top," though, because I was having so much fun. But on the other hand, this could be a plus, because if there's a routine you don't like, you know it will end soon.

The only criticism I have of this video is that there is no cooldown or stretch. You will definitely need one! Because of that being left out, I have to rank it as an A- instead of an A.

Instructor comments: All the instructors are fun and very likeable. Franny and P.J. are especially good at cueing and making the routines easy to follow (but never boring).

Annie S.

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