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CIA 2702: Aerobic Euphoria

Kim Miller

Setting: CIA production, very professionally done with a nice set.

Music: Upbeat instrumental and vocal music makes you want to dance! (great choice of tunes throughout)

Both workouts are mixed impact (not too much jumping) with complex choreography (you can choose to watch Kim for less complexity due to her sprained ankle). Kim begins each combo with more basic moves (marches, knee lifts, walk around the bench, etc) and then she'll add layers, such as spin's and directional changes. Her combo's are more dancy, with a hip hop flavor. She uses dynamic movement and exaggerates the motion ("pop" the chest or "work" the hips). Once you learn the routines, the dvd offers many great options. Here are a breakdown of the premixes:


*Timesaver Step 1-
warmup, combos 1,2,3,4, cooldown, stretch=27:48 minutes

*Timesaver Step 2-
warmup, combos 5,6,7,8, cooldown, stretch=28:47 minutes

*All Step Combos, No Breakdown-
warmup, step combos, cooldown, stretch=27 minutes

*Timesaver Hi Low 1-
warmup, combos 1,2,3, cooldown, stretch=28:38 minutes

*Timesaver Hi Low 2-
warmup, combos 4,5,6, cooldown, stretch=27:55 minutes

*All Hi Low Combos, No Breakdown-
warmup, Hi Low combos, cooldown, stretch=22 minutes

Step: Using 8 total combinations, you'll spin and twist using all areas of the step. Kim adds layers, changing the move ever so slightly to increase complexity. (for those that are choreography challenged you could choose to follow along with any of the layers that suit you best at the time which is what I personally did) She uses lots of rhythmn changes (mambo becomes double pump moving the hips quickly) and some more athletic moves (making a simple knee a strike). After learning combo's 1 & 2, she'll put them together 4 times before moving on. (she'll use this fashion throughout) The stepping section is approximately 40 minutes long.

Hi Low: Kim keeps it more low impact and the background girls mix up the impact. You'll work through 6 combos for about 41 minutes of pure cardio. She'll start with the warmup and make this combination 1, adding directional changes and twists. All 6 combos use the layering of multiple moves to add to the choreography/intensity. (lots of options to "funk" it up as well!) Kim utilizes different counts, such as a 6 & 10 count instead of the more traditional 8 & 8 count, which keeps the choreography fresh.

If you enjoy complex, dancy workouts, Kim's newest will surely put you in "Aerobic Euphoria"!

Instructor comments: Kim has a great presence (she use's lots of personal style) and cues well.

Denise R


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