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CIA 2501: Strength Toolbox

Mindy Mylrea

This workout is split up into three 30 minute sections. One uses weights and a step bench, another tubing, and the third uses your own body weight. Each section focuses 10 minutes on lower body, upper body and core. The warmup is about 5.5 minutes and the cooldown is 7.5 minutes. In theory this seems like a really good workout. You can pick and choose what you want to work in a day, and make a customized workout. Itís good if you are short on time, or you want a no nonsense workout without any fillers.

I have done this workout a few times, and before I do it I usually grumble about it. Itís not that it is a crummy workout, itís just that I donít usually want to pick and choose what segments to do. This workout was designed to have the exerciser be the one in control, but I often feel like I will never work my muscles to exhaustion if I let myself pick and choose. But this is never true when I actually do the anyone who has done a Mindy weight routine should be able to tell you! Even though the workout moves smoothly along, I really feel like it is segmented too much. I just start to get into working my lower body and itís over before I know it. And then itís on to something else for only 10 minutes. I guess thatís what my main complaint is for the 10 Minute Workout DVDs too; they are great when you are short on time, but kind of odd when you want to do them all at once.

Instructor comments: I like Mindy. She is not chatty at all in this workout, which I miss. I also donít think she miss-cued anything during any of the segments. To me, Mindy as the queen of lower body strengthening and plank-type work. Your triceps and your quadriceps will be on FIRE in this workout!

Lulu Belle


I like the set-up of this DVD. There is a warmup, followed by a variety of 10 minute segments. Upper body, lower body and core -- with the choice of weights, tubing or no weight.

I have only done some of the segments so far, but feel like I've had a good workout. At first, I was worried that the tubing sections would be no good because Mylrea was using sort of a short tube shaped like the number eight. I used one of my spare Dynastretch tubes, tied a knot in it and made it sort of like what she was using. This worked just fine, but I also had to use a regular tube for some of the other exercises. The weight work all seems to be your average weight work. The exercises without weight seemed a bit like a lot of different yoga-type poses.

This is my first Mindy Mylrea workout. So far, I like what I see.

Instructor comments: The instructor is a bit overly chatty, especially during the warm-up. She would annoy me, but the workout is so good that I can overlook it...this time...

Lady D


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