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CIA 2405: Two Workouts In One Plus Abs

Arth-Tavia Devon-Majorome

This is my favorite of the new batch of CIAs. The step and high-low are each about 30 minutes. Arth has a somewhat different style of teaching. He repeats a combo a lot, but he continues to layer in new variations throughout. While I found his style and workout fun and refreshing for 30 minutes, I might have gotten bored with the style if it was much longer. As it stands, both the step and high-low are a lot of fun. I actually liked the high-low a little more than the step, but thatís a compliment for the high-low, not a negative about the step! Arth has a great personality and tons of enthusiasm. I hope to see more from him. Grade A. Annie S.


I finally got around to trying this from my burgeoning virgin workout pile. I really, really enjoyed the 20-minute step and 30-minute cardio. But for those allergic to a lot of TIFTTing, a word of caution--this is highly reminescent of Harold Sanco's Urban Training in its repetition. I didn't mind it so much because the steps are creative and fun; moreover, I usually take a lot of repeated tries to get a combo down perfectly. However, even I was starting to get just a little bit tired from the constant repetition of the hi-lo routine!

First there is a vertical step workout. He breaks down each segment--sometimes just a single new move, then has you do it from the top. Knee-ups, mambo on the step, over the top with back foot behind, a sort of box step on the step, and diagonal cross over into box step and shuffle back--those are the moves I can remember, there may be one or two more. It's pretty low-impact for the most part but gave a solid high-intermediate workout.

The hi-lo has you stepping back, turning into a leap-box step and a three-shuffle into sashay (I know I'm not describing this very clearly!) Let's just say there are a lot of stylized shuffles, box steps, knee ups and twirls, with a few jumps but not enough to qualify this as very high impact. He definitely jazzes up the moves (and one of the background exercisers either is a pro dancer or fakes it extremely well!) Unfortunately, in both workouts the music is pretty quiet and nondescript--I personally feel that for his style and flair, a hip-hop, house or even one of the pulsing Dynamix classic tracks would've been much better for the workout.

Arth-Tavia keeps you going through the endless TIFTT-ing with humor...during the three sets of shuffles he'll say, "Yeess? Nooo? Yeess!" He jokes during the stepping "I know in my heard and my soul that you all got this move!"

Ab work is short and basic, just crunches with variations on the rhythm.

Typical new CIA set with orange sun and glossy shelves of designer glassware.

I really hope Arth-Tavia, like Harold Sanco, will come out with more long cardio workouts that include more moves and less repetition. Putting these two workouts together created a reasonably sweaty 50-minute session but I did get close to being sick of the combos!

Instructor comments: He is fabulous--stylish, humorous and easy on the eyes. His "drama" comments remind me a bit of Donna Richardson or Victoria Johnson. A bit of a ham, deservedly so. Great cuer--shows you the new step, then encourages you to try it. I want more videos from him!



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