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Step Till You Drop 2

Mark Hendricks, Melissa Cantillo, Laura Downing

This has three Ĺ-hour step workouts. The first is Strong Step by Laura Downing. It was okay Ė I liked it, but I donít know if itís novel or fun enough to make it worth keeping. My collection is so big that Iím only interested in keeping the very best. The music in this one was not bad, but not great. The second workout is Intervelocity with Melissa Cantillo. She calls it intervals, but itís circuit. You do step combos alternated with toning. The step is, again, ďokay.Ē Itís intermediate-level for both intensity and choreography. The toning is compound moves (working upper and lower body at the same time) and, frankly, bored me. The third workout is Cardio-Dance Step with Mark Hendricks. Mark has an A+ personality and his routine seems fun, but it became too hard to follow about half-way through, so I never did finish it. He is too dancy for me. I can see where a lot of people would really love this routine, though. Overall, I thought the entire DVD was just ďokay.Ē I think Mark should be featured on his own tape (even though his style isnít for me), because he was the main attraction on both this DVD and its predecessor, Step Till You Drop 1.

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