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CIA 2402: Step Temptation & Hi-Low Revelation

Philip Gray

I am an instructor in Germany, always looking for new ideas to use during my intermediate to advanced step classes. I was very happy to come across Philip Gray Step and Workout Videos last year. In Philip’s new Video/DVD Step Temptation and Hi-Low Revelation you will be guided step by step to personal success. In the Step section Philip presents a fun workout which starts with a great warm-up followed by a total body before-the-workout stretch. Then he will put 3 wonderful, well balanced, fun, and tap-free combos which he teaches extremely well. Philip’s cueing and break down skills are excellent. He announces the next step just on time to give you just the right time to hear the cue and to process it in your head, leading every serious intermediate to advanced stepper, as I said before, to wonderful success. Starting with easy basic moves, he will take you through mambos, pivots, stomps and other really fun moves which go over and across the bench with various rhythm and directional changes. Some of the moves were new to me (I have been doing Step since it came out during the mid 80’s –wooden steps, remember?), some are tricky but then, Philip will repeat and teach them so well that every one should be able to get them. Then all 3 combos are put together and finally the final round will go all the way from the top even including the warm-up. It is very nice to find among his “backup babes” people who represent the different types of individuals, as you will find them in real life when you workout out in a gym. Every body is having a great time on this video following Philips joyful personality. It is like the fun does not end! The Hi-Low Revelation section is just as fun, well presented, and well conducted as the step section. At the end of both workouts you will cool down and have a 10 minute Quick Fix Abs section which will challenge even the most advanced participants!!!! I got the DVD which allows you to just click back and forth from one chapter to another giving you the opportunity to just mix and match the workout as you want and need it.
All in one an excellent investment!
1A to this Video/DVD, I am glad I got it, and hope that Philip Gray will continue transmitting his enthusiasm for sports with future Videos/DVDs.


May 17th, 2004

I gave up in frustration on Step Temptation after two tries. The choreography is difficult to follow. Hi-Lo Revelation went a lot better – for awhile anyway. Philip is easier to follow until about 20 minutes into the workout when he starts putting the combos together. Then it’s chaos. I’m not a stranger to complexity, with Christi Taylor being my #1 favorite instructor, so I don’t think my difficulties with these two workouts are my issues. It’s a matter of inadequate cueing and breakdown more than anything else. He needs to slow down when combining combos for one thing. I think these workouts would be fun, but I would have to do a lot of rewinding to get there. Who wants to interrupt their workouts with a lot of rewinding? There are too many well-taught workouts out there to mess with this one.

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