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CIA 2206: Step 2BFit

Philip Gray

I love the choreography on this one, and it’s a blast to do. Many, however, will find the cueing and breakdown to be too frustrating. If you’re used to advanced choregraphy, you won’t get TOO lost, but Philip doesn’t help much with his teaching style. After he introduces a new combo, he inserts it into the previous combo(s) differently than the way he taught it. Also, he cues late often. Those are the negatives, but it’s still a keeper for me. It’s fun enough that even though I might mess up more frequently than with other instructors, I want to keep doing it. I’d give it an A+ if the cueing/instruction were better, but as it is, it gets an A-. Annie S.

What a fun video!
I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through - my only complaint is that it's too short - not even an hour for the whole thing including abs :(
This is complex choreography but luckily there isn't too much where you have your back to the screen - Phillip's cueing sometimes is a little.... ermmm shall we say lacking?..... but after you've done the workout a few times this won't be a problem! There are lots of very fun combinations and the workout just flows!

Now when is he making another tape?

Instructor comments: Fun - something about Phillip just had me smiling all the way through the workout!

Janet B


What a great workout Video / DVD!
I am an instructor in Europe teaching step for many years and always looking for inspiration for my advanced step classes. I did not know Philip Gray until I became aware of him through this CIA Video / DVD. I thought that Step 2Bfit was so good, that I needed to add a comment about it in these pages. I use Video Fitness as a guide before I invest in new videos.
Philip puts up a wonderful tap less choreography, the way you would expect every good instructor to do nowadays. It is a fun and save, intermediate to advanced step workout. He begins with a very innovative warm up for the lower body (a nice routine of 32 counts) and then, while keeping you moving, adds up a section for the upper body which is fun and was new to me. After that Philip will give you a great ”before-the-workout-stretch” while you keep on moving and your heart rate going. The step workout consists of 4 32 blocks. My favourite is block number 3 which he teaches very well (as the rest of the other combos), with a very original set of mambos from the top that will take you around the bench mixed with a reverse turn that gives you the feeling to be turning and flying. He develops each part from basic moves which he gradually changes to introduce some new moves that just wonderfully flow and fit together. His cueing is excellent and fun so you can just easily follow him throughout the video. At the end you will get a descent stretch and a fabulous abs section. Philip has a group of good looking back-up babes that interact very well with him and are a good contribution to the fun factor in this workout.
If you are into step I would definitely recommend this Video or DVD. I give it an A+

Instructor comments: Philip Gray is a fantastic instructor. He is very professional, his cueing is excellent, easy to follow, and repeats the moves just enough for everyone to get them. I had lots of fun while viewing and doing this video. As I mentioned, I became aware of him through this CIA Video / DVD and have started to look for more videos with him. I got his Video Cardio Cut FX through Collage Videos. It is an excellent total body workout which I can only recommend to the serious exerciser. I hope CIA makes more productions with him soon.

Oscar S.

June 1st, 2003

I was a little wary of trying this workout after reading about some of the reviews saying it was hard to follow. I'm a reasonably experienced stepper who can pick up moderately complex choreography fairly easily, but still has trouble with Patrick Goudeau's and Seasun Zeiger's complexity levels.

This workout was not nearly as intimidating as I'd feared. I did it a few days ago and can't quite remember the combinations...I recall a lot of turn-step straddles, shuffles and that move where you "leap" the corners of the step (not really a leap; you sort of stomp the corner with your foot to get to the other side). Sorry I'm fuzzy on more the moves; I've been doing a lot of new step workouts. But I just recall that after I did this workout, despite a few rewinds, I felt that pleasant feeling of accomplishment and knew I really liked it. High-intermediate intensity, fairly complex but doable, and an adorable instructor. Typical CIA production.

Instructor comments: Adorable instructor and pretty good cuer. He tends to combine previously learned sets of moves rather abruptly so that even know you know the moves piecemeal, it's a little tough getting them strung together as quickly as he does. But I felt like I was able to grasp 90% of the workout on the first try.



Philip Gray put together a groovy workout, but as other mentioned is cueing isn't his strong point. Don't let that dissuade you. It's a fun workout, and a keeper.

Instructor comments: Philip is engaging, and having a good time throughout. The back & forth with his crew is lively.

Katharine C.


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