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CIA 2202 All-Out Hi/Low & Step

Franny Benedetto

WU: 10 min (thorough stretch)
Step: 45 min.
CD: Don't remember!
Level: int/adv, lots of dance choreography

Lots of fun new choreography here. Franny teaches you fresh combos until halfway through, and then starts fresh for the second half - no taking from the way top. Some great moves I enjoyed were Quick step around the world, followed by a funky repeater, a 5-knee off the front of your step diagonally traveling and back, and a double whammy (knees across step with hamstring curls). Some favourites are back, like her repeater pogo and moves I've always enjoyed like the revolving door and reverse turns - something about all the turning... :) Franny cues all the moves well, but she doesn't preview all the new moves. Once I've done the workout a few times, this won't be a problem - I'll know what to do, but it can be frustrating to hear a cue for an unknown move the first time.
I had trouble getting the cool down routine (tricky, or tired perhps?). She stretches you thoroughly for the calves, Shoulders, hamstrings and quads.

I only recognized one of the music tunes - Sweet Dreams. The rest of the songs seemed unknown, but were upbeat and fun. I enjoyed this workout more than Franny's All Out Hi/Lo. I will definitely do this workout often! Grade: A+

Instructor comments: Franny is a favourite instructor of mine, and I usually prefer her step videos. She instructs alone, which is okay, but there isn't another person to show you the modified moves.If you like dancy workouts, you've got to try her!

Jennifer V
May 5, 2002

Yeah, Franny! I consider this Frannyís best tape to date. I really like the step portion of her 9905, but there wasnít anything since then that I got really excited about. This one is awesome! Each workout follows the same pattern: 2 sections, the first with 3 combos split at the end, the second with 4 combos and no split. You donít repeat the first section when itís over. I like this format because it keeps things more interesting. The workouts are very intense and use advanced choreography. They leave you feeling exhausted at the end, but itís the good kind of exhausted. I did think the introduction of new moves in the step workout was confusing Ė I often didnít know what was coming Ė but I wasnít ever lost for too long. And I guess I should mention, since I know many didnít like the speed of 9905, the step workout on this tape is at a much more reasonable pace. Not slow, by any means, but not frantic either. The only thing I would change about this tape, other than perhaps the cueing already mentioned, is the music. At best, itís boring. As good as these workouts are, they deserve better music! Grade A+.

Instructor comments:

Annie S.

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