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Step Up To Men's Club With Jill Casey

~Sara City Workouts

Beginner - Intermediate Levels (can be a light day for Advanced)

Taped to give support to group fitness instructors, this highly informative tape is a great resource for instructors that are looking for ways to implement an atheltic approach to cardio step workouts and strength segments implementing the step. It's actually an instruction tape more than a "workout with me tape". Jill builds 2 blocks of choreography and then works with those blocks through the remainder of the cardio portion. It's a fresh way of performing an interval style workout, utilizing your step height (you switch from 6" to 8" performing the same combination). At the end of the step portion, she demonstrates ways to perform military drills using several step platforms. You could follow along except you'd want to have the other step platforms to retain your intensity, which is where I lost my workout.

Again, this video is only showing an instructor how to perform this type of workout, not a "workout with me" tape. I had a pretty decent workout for about 25 minutes, then she turns it into more of an instructional from there on....

Jill looks like she'd be "tough" instuctor if I took one of her classes, she trained military groups for quite a number of years and that seems like a heavy task to undertake. More power to Jill, she's my new boot camp hero!

Myra M.

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