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Super Callanetics

Well I never did the Callanetics tape & after reading from one reviewer that if you're advanced (or intermediate) you can jump ahead into this tape. If you've got weight to lose and/or are inflexible, start with Beginning or regular Callnetics. According to the back of this tape, doing any of these movements is equal to 20 moves from the original tape.

The 1st part of the tape is Callan giving a demo of the exercises. The 2nd part is Laine Middleton (the only instructor certified to teach Callnetics)& 1 male to 3 other female exercisers doing the exercises & Callan guiding them. She tells you never to force any movement & to take breathers when you need to. Almost all the exercises are 100 repetitions each; that is 100 seconds really, & there is a timer on the screen to tell you how many seconds left.

I will name some of the exercises. Warm-up, waist stretch, underarm exercise, hamstring stretch, neck relaxer, stomach exercises, leg strengthener, 6 different hips-behind-outer thigh movements, open & close ( very tough), 3 leg stretches, pelvic rotation, pelvic rotation figure 8 ( you move your hips in a figure 8 motion), pelvic scoop, thigh stretch, inner thigh squeeze. Alot of the leg movements invole the tipping of the pelvis- reminds alot of Lotte Berk exercises. Lots of pulses. Alot of this reminds me of Yoga also- I'm not insinuating that she copied any of these disciplines because there are lots of unusual movements I've never seen. An example of the abs movement would be lying down, knees bent,feet on floor, then holding onto your legs & using you stomach muscles to lift you head & shoulders off the floor. Much easier said than done! These exercises look SO decievingly simple; you could probably do 1 or 2 movements any time of day & it wouldn't feel tough, but do the whole sequence & you will feek it burn!

This is a good sculpting (& relaxation) tape if your abs & behind is what you want to work on & if you want to try something other than lifting weights & don't want to bulk up. Just be sure to supplement a good aerobics routine. This was filmed in an exercise studio & the music is quiet new-age instrumental music. Some people will find this slow paced, & dated but if you're concentrating on the moves you'll be working too hard & won't notice! This tape looks dated, but the exercises are very useful & safe. If you think you're flexible & have strong ab muscles, try her stretches & ab movements! I know I was humbled! If you don't like weights (but still want results) & want a change of pace I highly recommend this.

Instructor comments: Very humbling to see someone that thin (in a healthy way) & flexible in their 50's. Callan says it's meditation in motion, & I agree. She's encouraging but not in a "go for it" way. I can hardly hear the Southern accent- I do hear the Brit on some words she uses & in her manner of teaching. She has a very relaxing non-threatening voice. Overall a great instructor. :)



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