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Callan Pinkney

[Disclaimer]This review is written on the assumption that you already know what Callanetics is. If you don't, read the (original) Callanetics (OC) video reviews first.[/disclaimer]

If you’re looking for a good leg workout in a short amount of time (20 minutes) this would be a great choice! Callan begins with the usually warm-up and neck stretch. Then she goes to the barre for “up-back-down” (curling the pelvis). These are sort of like a plié with heels held upward, moving down, then curling the pelvis, then moving back to neutral spine, down an inch, and then curling the pelvis and so on. The second exercises is similar, only you just go up and down in plié position. The same exercises are found in some of the Lotte Berk videos.

Then there is the hamstring stretch with leg up on the barre. This is done only with the heel on the barre – she doesn’t do it with the arch like she does in OC and in the book. Next is seated stretch with legs apart. Again, she doesn’t do this to the sides or with legs together, probably in the interest of time. Finally, you finish up with pelvic rotations, pelvic scoop, and a thigh stretch. This is similar to what the Lotte Berk Method calls “knee dancing”. You kneel down and then raise a hips up and around in a circle It’s tough on the quads, and you finish up with a good quad stretch.

The set is a more colourful studio than in the original video, and there are three background exercisers. She occasionally goes around correcting their form, which is something I really appreciate.

Overall, another good effort from Callan. It’s often hard to get the full original Callanetics video into my rotation, so it’s nice to be able to do one section at a time like this. As always, Callan is very supportive and accommodating of different physical needs.

Instructor comments: Callan is kind of fun if you don't take her too seriously. She's really supportive and accommodating which is something you don't always see in fitness instructors.


February 28, 2004

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