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Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days to a Beautiful Body

by Callan Pinckney

This book is out of print, but worth the money if you can find it. It is an excellent book for those who want to do Callanetics but don't want to do the hour-long program, or for those trying to work up to the long program gradually. The exercises have been described in previous Callanetics reviews.

Callan and some models demo most of the exercises from the original book, using a chair as support. The book is divided into 4 phases, each divided into 3 zones--stomach, legs and inner thighs, and buttocks, hips, and outer thighs. The principle is the same as in the Quick Callanetics videos--warm-ups, then work on whatever section you wish (about 20 min total). Each new phase brings you closer in form to the original exercises, and increases the reps so that you can go on to the original program if you want (don't buy the QC videos, get the 1-hour original instead if you want form pointers).

There is no summary sheet in the book, so to make it easier to memorize I made up my own, typing up the exercise name and number of reps for the final day of each phase. Currently I do an entire Phase I workout (all sections) in about 30 minutes. For some reason it is easier to do this most days rather than trying to block out an hour+ for the original workout. Also, I don't get as bored , which is the major complaint about Callanetics.

If you have tried Callanetics before and couldn't make the time for the original workout, this book could bring you back again.


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