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Callan Pinckney

I recently tried Callanetics for the first time via the original 60-minute program. I loved the short, targeted, effective movements, but because it was difficult for me to find time to do the entire workout, I decided to give the AM/PM tape a try. The two 20-minute workouts on this tape include a majority of the exercises from the original video (some have been left out). Although the workouts are designed to be used in the morning (energizing) and in the evening (relaxing), the inclusion of moves in either the AM or PM routine seemed arbitrary to me. In addition, I found the 20 minute format to be a bit TOO short for my liking; just when I was starting to feel like I was getting a good workout, it was over. For some people, however, this time period might be ideal, and this video does offer a good introduction to the Callanetics method. Callanetics is a great alternative exercise style to incorporate into your fitness routine, and if you are pressed for time, this video offers an ideal solution.

Instructor comments: Callan is a gentle, supportive, and encouraging instructor who constantly reassures her students that they can go at their own pace.

Beth (aka toaster)

December 15, 2003

I had heard about this program for years and years (Callanetics first came out in the 70s, I think). It wasn't until I came across the Callenetics tape at a rummage sale that I actually tried it. If you can find Callanetics or AM PM Callanetics -- GET IT! I have tons of videos and not one of them has given me the results I wanted in such a short time. For once the claim of visible in results in a short time is true. Both Callanetics and AM PM Callanetics are very similar (a roughly 40-minute series of movies involving tiny pulses of various parts of the body). AM/PM is the same workout split up into two 20-minute workouts with one extra stomach exercise. You will feel the exercises (especially the hip and thigh ones) and see their effects in a day or two. The Abs have always been my trouble spot and it is taking a little longer to see the difference, but it is indeed coming. And it is not making me bulkier, like the Firm did, but leaner. I also am more flexible.
These came out in the 70s and 80s so the clothes, hair, make-up and music are dated, but after the first time, I didn't notice.
I'd recommend getting a Callanetics book, if possible (there are several, check ebay or Amazon for books and tapes.)
I do also have the Lotte Berk DVDs, which are apparently based on the same method as Callanetcs (indeed, I understand Callan Pinckney learned the moves from Lotte Berk) and they are good too. But for me, for whatever reason, I am seeing the results a lot more quickly.
So, in case you didn't figure it out, I highly recommend Callanetics.

Instructor comments: She is 47 (in Callanetics) or in her mid 50s (A.M./P.M. Callanetics), now in her 60s or so. She has a tremendous figure and agility, especially for her age. She has a very calming tone and is very encouraging: "Just do what you can do."



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