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Pilates Body Band Challenge

Ana Cabán

First, this workout uses a thicker band. The band is about double the thickness of the strongest band in her previous band workout. That alone adds some intensity.

The DVD also has the wonderful option of performing the workout in Spanish or English. This is a beautiful option for those who speak Spanish and want to practice or who have more comfort with the Spanish language.

Ana opens the DVD with a short, 2 minute discussion about her program, explaining how it uses moves based on mat and reformer exercises. She also explains how to use the band correctly.

Nearly all the moves use the band in some way, either stretching between the hands, or wrapping around the feet or bottom of the knees or back, to being balled up and used a prop.

The setting is on a beach that shows waves splashing on rocks. Ana performs the workout on raised, wooden platform.



(Standing position)
1. Overhead stretch-front to back
2. Rotator cuff stretch-arms move out side ways from waist.
3. Wrist rotations
(Lying on back position)
4. Leg extension stretches-up and to the sides

2. Roll-up
3. Leg circles
4. Rolling like a ball
5. Double leg stretch
6. Double straight leg stretch
(Seated position)
7. Spine stretch forward (no band)
8. Rowing from the hip
9. Shave the head
10. Rowing hug
(Kneeling on band position)
11. Chest expansion
12. Swakati-diagonal upward arm extension
13. Lotus-arms lift up from sides
(Lying position)
14. Side kick series (front/back, round de jamb, circles)
15. Teaser I
16. Teaser II
17. Teaser III with legs “jumping” over and under the band variation
18. Swimming (no band)
19. Child’s Pose (no band)
20. Mermaid
21. Seal (no band)
(From standing position)
22. Pilates push-ups
23. Single leg push-ups
24. Bicep curls
25. Arms out to the side, bicep curls
26. Bug-bent over, extending arms out to sides
27. Zip-upward front row
28. Standing side bends
29. Swooping circles with upper body and arms
30. Final breaths

This workout level probably falls between her Intermediate and Maintenance Pilates intensity levels. There is creative use of the bands to simulate reformer exercises, which gives the workout a bit more upper body work than most of Cabán’s routines. This workout is definitely more challenging than the original band workout, but many parts are easily accessible to beginners.

This might be a good travel workout, as it is a brief 33 minutes long, and the DVD case actually accommodates space for the body band. In addition, a more convenient 14 minute bonus workout is included.

This routine is set in a dark blue room with brightly lit panels as contrast. It is similar to the background in the bonus portion of the Maintenance routine. Ana performs the routine on an elevated, wooden platform.

1. Seated toe warm-ups
2. Lying leg stretches-band on toes, heels, then arches
3. Coordination (no band)-lying on back, arms fold down to the floor with legs extend out and scissoring
4. Seated long box teaser-in teaser position, arms move up and down while holding band
5. Short box (no band)-curl back and lean backward as far as possible
6. Straight back short box-arms over head holding band while leaning back
7. Straight back-side to side
8. Straight back-side to side with diagonal twist
9. Kneeling chest expansion
10. Kneeling thigh stretch-lean back while on knees and holding band
11. Kneeling arm circles
12. Kneeling bicep curls
13. Oompa-single arm shoulder presses
(Standing position)
14. Boxing
15. Shave the head
16. Hug a tree
15. Diagonal torso twists
16. Overhead stretch-front to back
17. Overhead side stretch
18. Final breaths

Both routines are done in voice over format and cued well. The music in each is pleasant but not overly distracting.

Instructor comments: As usual, Ana cues excellently and projects a warm presence. She is likeable and easy to follow along with. In addition, she is creative with her moves, while inviting and supportive to the viewer. There is a strong feeling that the viewers needs and understanding of the routine are emphasized.

T aka Cowfishpro

June 29, 2006

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