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Easy Pilates

Ana Caban

This is more of a breakdown/preview than a review since I just received the set yesterday and haven't had a chance to do the workouts. However, I know people have been curious about these, so I wanted to post something.

This tape is essentially the Pilates "Basic 7" most schools agree on. The movements are: The Hundred, the Roll Up, Single Leg Circle, Rolling Like a Ball, the Single Straight Leg Stretch, the Double Straight Leg Stretch and the Spine Stretch Forward. Almost all of the movements are modified with bent knees or, as in the case of the Single and Double Straight Leg Stretch, the legs are at a less challenging 90-degree angle rather than the traditional 45-degree angle.

Although advertised as 15 minutes, the workout itself really runs about 12.5 minutes. That actually doesn't bother me- although I think a basic workout should pay attention to the setup details, I hate feeling belabored by instruction.

Again, I haven't done this tape yet, but I think it's a great intermediary step for someone who wants to start a Pilates practice but feels like the Beginner tape by Caban/Gaiam is a little too much to start with.

Instructor comments: It's obvious that Ana is a well-trained Pilates instructor in the "traditional" or classic style.



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