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Buns & Abs of Steel 2000 for Beginners

Leisa Hart, Tracy York & Michelle Nevidomsky

The ab workout is wonderful, easy on neck and back and really concentrates on the abdominal muscles. The bun workout is very hard and requires you to work up to. These bun exercises require a strong back and shoulders. You need to be able to fully support your own weight to avoid strain.

Instructor comments: These ladies do such a great job at breaking down the steps, making them so easy and fun to learn. They are also very energetic and motivating!


I've been working out with this video for nearly a year. Dedicating myself to using it three times a week for these last 11 months, it has helped me move up, now, to the intermediate/advanced level. This tape is fun, the routines become second nature after a few viewings, and the content of the aerobic portion never seems redundant since each routine is very different from the one before it. I highly recommend this video to anyone who wants to get serious about starting an aerobic routine. It stays interesting and fun for a long time, and if you stick with it, it's a perfect stepping stone to move up to intermediate/advanced aerobics. Although the ab section of this video is good, I personally choose to use a different video for abs that is more intense. However, if you're just looking to get a taste and tone up, this ab section will do just fine. I can't say enough good things about this video and I recommend it to anyone who's even thinking about starting an exercise program.

Instructor comments: I liked the instructors in this video, and didn't find them too terribly yippie or annoying. They're energetic and each of the three have different personalities that show through in their routines.


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