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Buns of Steel 2000 Series

(Beginner/Intermediate-Step Aerobics, Lower Body Toning)

These "Platinum Series" tapes are a vast improvement, both in exercise and production, over the older Buns of Steel series (which in my opinion should be avoided). Tamilee Webb, Tracy York and Donna Richardson (who steals the show) tag-team teach a step aerobics session, which on "Arms" is interspersed with brief upper-body intervals using small dumbbells. The aerobics are then followed with toning workouts - not quite Karen Voight, but adequate for beginners. Probably among the best of the discount-store stock, thanks to dynamic Donna.
Grade: B

Sue Bryant

Buns of Steel 2000 for step is very effective in toning buns. It's more forbegineers/Intermediate level. Thighs of Steel 2000, however, was not aswell choreographed. But it still tones thighs in the later floor toningsession.

Annie Jen

Tamilee Webb, Tracy York and Donna Richardson are back with another workout with fun upbeat music and butt burning toning. The set is a nice bright carpeted area.

Tamilee does a fun blood pumping warmup and then Tracy does a super fun aerobic combo with some fun pivots. Donna then takes over and does some fun chacha and salsa steps to some really fun music. Then Tamilee finishes with and upbeat 50's music combo. I love this floor aerobics out of all the Steel video's.

The music is SO FUN! I like how in each Buns of Steel video, each instructor has her hair different and different outfit on so it doesn't get boring. In this workout, Tamilee looks like she is about to fall out of her navy blue aerobics outfit and it is a thing thong too. You gotta have confidence in your body to wear something like that. Tracy is wearing a cute maroon thong one piece that laces up in the back and Donna is wearing a mustard colored turtle neck outfit. These colors remind me of fall.

Tamilee then cools you down before the toning. She then takes you into some one legged squats and then regular squats with calf raises. The music is really really fun and upbeat. If you want, you can use weights to make it tougher. Then Donna tells you to put on ankle weights if you want. She then does dips with a leg sweep to the back. This is tough when you use ankle weights and dumbells. She then does some squats with a hamstring curl. Great music on this part too! She does a good job on instructing. She has a nice soft voice. I like video's that have more than one instructor because it gives the video a variety because each instructor is different. Tracy then does a combination of dips with squats and then does a lunge/dip combo with more squats. It is challenging. Then if you think your done, you're not! She does some squats with outer thigh lifts. She then takes you to the ground and does some table work where you get on all fours and push the leg back. Then Tamilee stretches you out with some great upbeat music. Can you tell I like these video's? These video's can be great for the beginner or can be for the intermediete if you use ankle weights and dumbells.

Instructor comments: Tamilee, Tracy and Donna do such a good job on instructing and form in this video. They show you the correct form of the excercise before they do it which is good for someone who has never done exercise before. Tamilee, tells you about the muscle your working which is nice.

Mandy Lee

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