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Buns of Steel Series

The "Buns of Steel" series is OK for the budget conscious (most tapes under $10), but the production quality is not nearly as good as you would find in a $20 video. I think most are taped in "extended play" mode, the soundtracks aren't great, and the sets and lighting aren't exactly inspiring. The Buns of Steel 2000 series, which feature Tamilee Webb and her Fitness Pro buddies, Donna Richardson and Tracy York, are supposedly better production quality. They cost a bit more than the original "Buns" series.

Most of the workouts I've seen are sound and safe, but it's not always obvious from the box which are aerobic tapes and which are toning tapes only. Tamilee Webb, instructor on many of the videos in the series, is a good instructor who gives a lot of good form pointers. Her cuing is very good, and she does a good job of progressively building combinations.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

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