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Total Toning Series Tough Bodies Legs and Buns

I bought DePrise Brecia's Tough Bodies Legs and Buns through Collage. They used to have it in thecatalog a year or so ago. DePrise came out with her own series of videos but her Legs and Buns is the only good one in my opinion.

It is 45 minutes long--has a short warm-up (mostly stretches for your back, legs and side) and then starts off with alternating 4 sets/15 reps of squats with 4 sets/15 reps of stiff legged dead lifts. Great music and this combo really works the buns! She uses weights so it's not a beginner tape! Then she goes to the floor and stays their for a LONG time because she does bridgework (50 reps) and then does leg lifts (100 reps), inner thigh (100 reps). Then she does another 50 reps of bridge work and then you do the other leg for the outer thigh/inner thigh work. Then 50 morereps of Bridgework. So you do 150 reps total for bridge. A LOT!! Then she does alternating lunges with weights, pulse dips (2 sets/15 reps)with weights, calf raises balancing on one foot (3 sets/25 reps of them!) with weights and then this ballet move where you balance on one leg and kick your leg back with rear leg pulses. I do plies with my barbell for this exercise. Then a brief cool down.

The music is funky and has a good beat, kinda like Sade music.

The only thing DePrise does is count because she doesn't give any form pointers. You have to know how to do these exercises with goodform. If you get sick of her counting, then you can turn down the volume and put on music you like and just watch the video while you do it.

There are two exercisers in the background and one of them shows you a easier move instead of the deadift. All the women in this video are incredibly fit which is inspiring. The set is is bright with nice curtain hanging down with a blue light shining on it. It is a hardwood floor. DePrise is wearing a blue sweater type workout shorts and long sleeved shirt that ties in the front. The African American woman is wearing similiar shorts but they are pink. The other woman (blonde) is wearing a rust colored tank shorts outfit. Sorry to ramble about what they are wearing but I like to add that in with my review. This is the only video I have seen that is similar to Cory's Get Hard Arm and Shoulders in that it has lots of reps with lot's of super sets. This is the best of DePrise's TotalToning Tough Bodies videos. This would be a good tape to do with Firm Parts Upper Body that DePrise is in.

Instructor comments: DePrise is stop traffic gorgeous but she doesn't give much form pointers. She just counts and counts and counts. So when you get to the bridge work ( which is 150 reps), it gets tiresome hearing her do that. Then the music beat is slow so it takes a long time to get through the set! But all in all, DePrise does a good just with form.

Mandy Lee

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