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Tough Bodies Cardiovascular

I didn't even try to do this video that is how much I didn't like it. The warm up drags on with some quick neck jerking that would make me run to the chiropractor! She also bounces on the stretches. The music is very up beat and good which is a nice part of the video. The background exercisers look all different. From blonde to redhead to oriental to African American. I noticed that Jennifer Krater (Guest instructor for the Firm Parts 5 day stretch) is one of the background exerciser. She is a fabulous dancer!

This 45 minute workout is very very dancy and complex with no teaching of the moves. You have to watch and do the video over and over to learn it. The choreography is a lot of funk, hip-hop and some ballet moves (kinda jazzy). A lot of hip swiveling and sexy moves. Some turns too. There is some high impact too; a move called "funky monkey" and a couple other moves I can't remember the name.

I must say it was very entertaining to watch but Deprise kept counting over and over which irritated me just by watching it.

I think this video was made without thinking of the exerciser buying it. It was made in a "showy" way. Like, "Look how well we can dance" -- And yet there is no cueing or teaching of the moves. Deprise just announces the move and everyone knows what it is in the background because they have practiced it over and over before the making of the video. Even their stretching is choreographed into 8 counts.

I would rather just go see a Broadway dance show then try and do this video. Because this is all the video seems to try and be. One big show. I didn't like this video at all. No wonder Collage didn't carry it.

Instructor comments: DePrise Brescia was picked as Firm Parts Upper Body guest instructor. She is drop dead gorgeous but needs some lessons in cueing. She constantly counts through the whole video. It gets very tiresome. She dances pretty good.

Mandy Lee

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