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Buns of Steel Yoga

Marguerite Baca

I think this is a very good yoga video. I picked it up for 5.99 at Walmart and it was well worth it. It starts off with a breathing pose and goes on to what she calls "Sun Salutation" which is several different poses flowing together. She does this three times on each side. Then she does a few standing poses including some balancing poses. After this she moves to the floor for some poses. These include some bridges and forward bends.

Overall I like this video very much and if you can snag it at a cheap price, go for it!!

Instructor comments: She is a good instructor. I haven't really done very much yoga so I don't know how to compare her with other except for Patricia Walden and I like this instructor much better. She is pleasant and very soothing without being false. The only complaint is I hate her hairdo (and her leotard must be very thin on her chest and there is a cold breeze blowing if you get my drift).



I found this video at for only $5.45 and it is one of the best bargain buys I've found. I liked the instructor and the setting. It is outside, under a willow tree by a lake. You see and hear birds, too. There is some music that is nice. She starts off with a few stretches then breathing while she counts. That is short, which I am glad, since that is the only part I didn't care for. I like the side bend she does, it doesn't make me feel like I cannot breath as in some yoga side bends. The sun salutations are done at an easy pace. I usually don't like sun salutations, but I didn't mind them at all in this video. Next are standing postures, then floor ones. I really liked all of the poses, and the order. I would recommend this video to anyone wanting to add another yoga, or first yoga video, to their collection. I give it an A.

Instructor comments: I liked her. She had a very pleasant voice. She has great form and I like how she didn't rush anything. If she makes another yoga video, I would buy it, too.

Lorrie Gigler

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