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Buns of Steel: Power Yoga

Michi Broman

I've done both Power Yoga 1 and 2 with Bryan Kest, MTV Advanced Workout yoga section, and Crunch Joy of Yoga; and this is going to definitely be a keeper in my rotation!!

I found that Michi explains the breathing with each move extremely well, more so than even Bryan does. This workout wasn't very aerobic for me; but, the balancing was extremely difficult and challenging. I felt relaxed after the workout as well.

The setting is outdoors in a desert setting and she has two other students, one that shows beginner modifications and one that shows advanced/intermediate. I think this is a tape you can definitely grow with and it is relatively short, about 35 minutes. I'd give it an A.

Instructor comments: She is very thorough and explains the breathing well. She doesn't seem as flexible as some instructors in yoga, but definitely has balance!

Stephanie Bridges

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