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African Dance Workout

Debra Bono

I had seen this video around but had doubts about it... precisely because there were no VF reviews! (lol) But there were some intriguing comments somewhere in the forum so I decided to try it, and I do love this video.

First, it is intense. You're not wasting your time, but moving and jumping quite a bit.

Second, Bono has nice variations on the standard movements. There are mambos, grapevines, squats, etc. but all with an 'African' style. The pony is a beauty because you're doing something like a double beat with the feet and moving the arms not just up and down but also to the front. I still haven't managed to do it but it looks like great fun.

She encourages you to use the whole body: the mambos are not just leg movements, but you kind of bend down and move the arms as if picking something. And you're encouraged to move the head, shoulders, etc.

The music is provided by (ta da!) drums, of course. As somebody else said in the forum, it has a somewhat Caribbean feeling. I love percussion, so I like it, and would have like it to be even more "drummy".

At the end, there is a sort of 'test'. Bono stops talking and goes through the whole movement routine just with the music, and you're supposed to follow by looking at her or by just guiding yourself with memory and rythm. I was nervous the first time but now that's the part I like the best. It's just dancing.

Anyway, I'm not too good at describing videos but I hope Debra Bono gets a place in the instructor index and I hope other VFers will try this video. It's a nice change of rythm and it's one of those videos that leave me smiling after a tense day of work.

Instructor comments: I find her very likeable, had no problems with her cueing, particularly after doing the video a few times.

Jan. 5, 2005

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