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BodyShaping - Abs

I thought I would try this video since it was only $10 and I was happy I did. There is no warm-up in this tape, but that's good because you can do it right after a step or aerobic workout. There are three levels, each lasting about 7 minutes giving you a 21 minute ab workout. Each level covers all parts of the abs and progresses from beginner to advanced. In between each section, they review the moves, but this goes very fast and you can keep doing crunches until the next section - but believe me it's quick enough and you can go right through to the end of the tape and really feel like you did an excellent ab workout. I haven't seen any Bodyshaping reviews on the website. I highly recommend this tape and I am now going to buy their Chest, Arms and Shoulder video.

Maryann Parker

This is the best of the bodyshaping home videos. It has a beginner, intermideate, and advanced levels. Laurie does the workout while pete counts and gives form pointers. This was one of my favorite workouts before I discoved Cathe friedrich. Its a good workout but i have one complaints: 1. Laurie has sloply form during some exercieses Towards the end of the workout Laurie is really sweating and her form gets slopy. The production is a liitle cheap. This would be a great workout to do after you have fatigued your abs.

Instructor comments: Laurie is encouraging and pete gives some good form pointers.

pat griffin


I got this video cheap through Ebay because I needed another ab tape. I read the reviews here first on the tape before I bid. So I decided to give you mine. I really like this video. It's not choregraphed, it's alot like the show. Laurie gets down and does the exercises, mostly 15 reps each. The beginner segment you do each exercise once and the intermediate you do each twice. In each segment you do work for your 3 abdominal sections which is nice. I thought the beginner segment was pretty tough for a beginner. I felt it right off and I have strong abs ( I do Firm 5 Day, Abs of Steel 2000, and Abs & More) I like it more than Firm 5 Day abs simply because there is instruction about proper techinque in this video which makes it suitable for beginners or anyone who likes coaching. Firm seems pretty non-existant on proper form. All in all it's a great ab workout.

Instructor comments: Laurie does a great job of telling you how you should be doing the exercises. My only complaint about her is that she starts the exercises as soon as she says it which doesn't give you much time to prepare to start. Pete on the other hand can kind of get on your nerves because he just sits there next to her talking in a whisper about how you need to go for it. I wish he would have been quieter. He does count the reps for you sometimes which I like. Mostly because you know it's over soon.


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