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Tae Bo live! Basic #9

Billy Blanks

This isn't one of my favorite Tae Bo's. It has a good 5 minute warmup and stretch. It has both high and low impact. The workout has good punch combinations (cross body punch, knee up and punch, speedbag and jab and knee up and side kicks. But then the workout goes bad because Billy's microphone goes out and Shellie has to teach and at the bottom of the tv screen flashes" Please do ont attempt to adjust your audio. Billy as done it again. He sweats so much that he has burned out his microphone." So Shellie does some never ending uneven front kicks. 15 front kicks on one side and 26 on the other side. Then they close up on Shellie all sweaty and at the bottom of the tv screen, it says,"Go Shellie!Go!" Finally Billy reappears to do some speedbags with a jack, knee up and side kick and grapevine with a knee up. The end of the workout is a 3 minute floorwork( Back kick extensions, alternating back kicks and roundhouse kicks, and leg circles..which I hate!) the floor stretch is just 2 minutes for the legs and then you get up and do a little Tai Chi. Not only does Billy's microphone go out but his shoe and hand wrap come undone too. It just wasn't his day! The music in this workout is Tribal Dance, Shake Your Booty, Kiss Me, and Din Daa Daa.

Instructor comments: Even though Billy's having a rough day with his microphone going out, his shoe lace coming undone and his hand wrap coming undone, he still stays concentrated on the workout and upbeat!

Mandy Lee

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