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Tae Bo live! Basic #8

Billy Blanks

Good 5 1/2 minute warmup which includes standing and floor stretches to the song,"We are Family". The workout starts off with a 5 minute butt floorwork which includes Back kicks, leg lifts, roundhouse kicks, and Back kick extensions. Then you get up and do punch and jack combination and speedbag. Then 2 knee up and 2 punches. There are good front kicks, roundhouse kicks, front and back kicks and also and end stationary leg out hold for 15 seconds on each leg. The Tai Chi at the end is very quick. The music is We Are Family, Din Daa Daa, Pick up the Pieces, & Finally.

Instructor comments: Billy is a great teacher and he is sweating right there with you. He never forgets to keep you encouraged throughout the workout. One funny part during the workout, his daughter Shellie counts wrong and instead of counting 1 through 8, she counts to nine and Billy looks at her with this funny look and says,"Nine! What is up with this nine?!" It always makes me smile. There are so many different looking people in the Tae Bo workout that you can always find someone you can follow.

Mandy Lee

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