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Tae Bo live! Basic #7

Billy Blanks

This Tae Bo basic is one of my favorites! It starts off with a good 3 1/2 minute warmup and good stretches. It has some excellent punches hooks and upper cuts and speedbags to the song "Celebrate".

There are some new combinations like 2 jabs and 2 roundhouse kicks, 2 front kicks and 2 back. Also a new punch called "Back fist". There is also roundhouse kicks, side kicks and machine gun kicks. The end fast punches are excellent because I use a Tae Bo bag and it works perfect. The Tai Chi cool down ends the video. The music is : Celebrate, Joy, Now That We found Love, & Stomp.

Instructor comments: If you could describe Billy in one word it would be encouraging. He looks at people to see there spirit and not the outward appearance. He really cares and you feel that through his teaching.

Mandy Lee

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