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Tae Bo live! Basic #6

Billy Blanks

This Tae Bo basic has a good warm up and excellent standing and seated stretching. The workout starts off with great arm punching combinations as well is high and low impact. This workout also has great kick combinations. Front kicks, knee ups, roundhouse kicks, side kicks and machine gun kicks. The cooldown is a plie with bicep curl and a Tai Chi cooldown. The music is "Stand By Me( which I love!)", "The Power Age", "Too Shy", and "Mercedes Boy".

Instructor comments: Billy always puts me in a happy mood when I start the workout. Even my 1 year old loves Tae Bo. Billy is sweating tons at the end of the video. There is girl in this video that is blind using a chair and also a guy in a wheelchair. Very inspiring. It's funny because Billy is helping the blind girl and then goes back to the front and Shellie almost punches him. He says,"My daughters trying to knock me out!" I love this video!

Mandy Lee

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