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Tae Bo Basic Live Vol.3

This is the 3rd Tae Bo basic live workout. The warm-up consists of knee raises and punches and upper cuts. There is no stretch at the beginning so you jump right into the workout. Some of the moves are 3 punches and knee raises. Front jabs and corner to corner jabs. Double time jabs, corner to corner. This tape does not have as many kicks at the other 1st and 2nd basic tapes. There is alot of knee raises and punches in this tape. The only kicks he does are a knee up and side kick and front and back kick combination. He also ends with a squat and alternating kick. No floorwork. But he does have you do standing leg work with with side delt raises. Billy goes throughout the class of 50 people cheerleading them on. He works up a sweat like everybody else. I didn't start sweating untill the kicks at the end. I like to combine this Vol.3 basic tape with the basic Vol 2 tape for a great workout. not as intense as the advanced tapes because the beat in his basic tapes are much slower. But I like this. It helps me with my form. I feel like I kick higher with the basic tapes because the beat of the music is slower. The cooldown has some arm stretches, punches and knee ups. He then does floor stretches for the hamstrings, inner thigh and glutes(pretzal stretch). some of the songs are ,"Tonight I'm dreaming", "Say A Little Prayer"(this one is during the cooldown), "Maria". I like the music in this tape. I think this is a great beginner kickboxing tape!

Billy is charming and full of energy. He is motivating and keeps you going by his encouraging words and tips on form. I love it how he goes up to the camera and does a side kick right at you. It helps you push yourself!

Mandy Lee

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