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Tae Bo live! Basic #12

Billy Blanks

This Tae Bo Basic live! 12 is my favorite Basic tape. It has excellent music and fun Tae Bo moves. The 5 minute warmup is great and has a nice stretch. There is both high and low impact. There is a 3 punch with a knee combination and a scissor high impact move with 2 front punches. The kicks are great too! There is a squat with a front kick, roundhouse kick at double time where you do 4 sets of 8. I love the different speedbag combinations. This really works the shoulder in a fiery way:) There is also a tough hop front kick Tae Bo move. the workout ends with some great front punches which I love to use on my Tae Bo bag. There is some bicep and tricep toning at the end. You can always quickly grab some light dumbbells if you don't want to use your own resistance. The 1 minute Tai Chi cooldown ends the workout and of course the think I love the best about the end of a Tae Bo workout is Billy's motivational speech. He always says something to bring a smile to my face. The songs in this workout are "Aint Nobody Stopping Us now", "Look Up", "Mercedes Boy", "Sweet Freedom"..which I love!".

Instructor comments: Billy sings while he sweats! Really! He teaches great and his form is perfect. Watch Billy and Shellie on the form. Some of those background Tae bot's need to go over the Tae Bo instructional video:)

Mandy Lee

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