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Tae Bo Live Advanced Volume 5

Billy Blanks

This is an advanced Tae bo workout but Billy calls in Tae Bo Groundwork. The first 15 minutes of the workout is like the original 8 minute workout. Fun standing Tae Bo work. It's sort of a long warmup with some side stretches and shoulder rolls but mostly you jump right into the workout with jumping jacks with a side jab, high impact foot work, upper cuts, side punches, knee-ups, cross body punches, and much more. He does do some kicks. Some are front kicks and side kicks. Mostly just to get your blood pumping. It is great to add the first 15 minutes of the workout to a basic Tae Bo workout. Billy coms up to the camera really close and he is all sweaty! Too funny! He also does this funny move that looks like some "ho down" move you would do at a barn dance:)) Then he also does this funny robot dance move to"My Sharona"song. He says it's really good for the abs then he goes into a funny "go-go" dance move right before the floorwork. Anyway, the rest of the workout( about 45 minutes) is what Billy calls, "Butt Time!" If you think the original advanced Tae Bo floor workout is tough, watch out! This one is killer! Lot's of donkey kicks, side knee lifts(fire hydrine(sp?), floor roundhouse kicks and much much more! The music is super upbeat and awesome! It really keeps you motivated. IF you like floorwork that is so tough that your butt feels like it's about to fall off, you will love this video! IF you thought Firm 1 floorwork was tough...woe! Then when you think you're done on your hands and knees, NO! You go down on your side for inner and outer thigh work and then on your abs for more butt work and then turn over on your back and do more butt and hamstring work! This is high repetition-endurance workout. No weights are used but it is still very tough. Shelly(Billy's daughter) groans through it! The class is more spacious and there are all different kinds of people working out. Even a guy in a wheel chair is working out. The ab work is tough. BIlly shows how to do full sit ups. Then you stand up and do some jabs and hooks with a turn and then a 1 minute plie hold and some roundhouse kick holds and front knee kick holds. There is no stretches. Just a bit of Tai Chi cooldown. This is a great Tae Bo floorwork video to rotate with the other Tae Bo workouts. Some of the songs are,"Love Machine", "My Sharona","I'm in Love", "Snap Shot", "I Like It", " Anytime". They are super upbeat and really help you get into the workout!

Instructor comments: Billy is charming, friendly and is so encouraging. He gives good form points all throughout the video and checks everyones form. He tells you to go at your own pace and to rest and drink water if you need to. He shows you how to do a sit up with help. He comes up to the camera and makes you feel like you are right there with him. He is the greatest!

Mandy Lee

Tae Bo advance #5 is Billy Blank's floor work video. If you love floor work, you will definitely love AL#5.

The soundtrack in this video is awesome. The pace starts off quickly. There is no warmup. Billy Blanks leads the class in an all out aerobic workout that is not only fun, but intense. This section lasts for approx. 15 minutes. You know right away that this isn't a typical Tae Bo workout. One, the pace would wear you out, two, Billy keeps hinting to watch out, something different is going to happen.

Well, it does. Billy takes the class to the ground and remains there for the next 40 minutes. His first focus is on butt and legs. Wow, what a butt and leg workout. After you can no longer move your legs, he gives you a reprieve and moves to abs. Again, a great ab workout. Then it's time to do a little more kicks. By this point, the last thing you want to do, is more "kicks", but being the warrior I am (or want to be), I try to oblige.

As a self-confessed floor work exerciser, I didn't love this tape the first time through, but my love for this tape has grown. If you are serious about wanting to tone your legs and abs, th

Instructor comments: Billy Blanks is such a down to earth type person and he is a very motivating instructor. His personality has blossomed since his original studio video set. His smile is contagious. It's obvious that he not only loves producing these workouts, but he truly believes in his work

Debbie Stout

Wow! This work is TOUGH! There is really no warmup, Billy just starts right away. The first 15 minutes are like any other tae bo workout. But then Billy has butt time. For the next 45 minutes or so you're on the floor. The first few leg exercises are like the ones from the original tape. However, then Billy starts to work the inner and outer thighs. This part is really difficult. After that Billy works the abs. By this point my abs were already burning because they were being used during the inner thigh work. For example, Billy has you lie on your back with your feet in the air (in a right angle shape). Then you seperate your legs and then bring them together. Through this whole exercise, your abs must contract to hold your legs up. After ALL the floorwork billy has you stand and do some standing work. I think the reason that the floorwork is so hard is that 1) Billy gives you no rest between exercises, it's just one exercise right after the other. 2) After you finish the exercise, Billy has you hold the exercise, and then later he has you pulse it. This technique is very difficult. I like this work because I can alternate my cardio workouts with this workout, instead of doing them both on one day, like in the original. I'd give this workout an A.

Instructor comments: Billy is a real drill sargent. He always makes sure that you're doing the exercises right. He also tries to keep you going even while your legs are on fire.

pat griffin


What a disappointment. That is all I can say. Let me warn those of you that are ready to pop this tape in and get a "TaeBo" type workout. DON'T! You spend 70% of the workout on the floor doing buns and abs and when you are up, the music and the moves don't jive and the moves are ineffective and well - silly. If you see this video, you'll know what I mean. It's just not the usual Billy Blanks and I will tuck it away somewhere never to do it again. (unless i just need to do buns).

Instructor comments: Billy was his usual self in this video; but I was a little annoyed with his moves. They were silly and haphazard. He had no real form in this one; but for those of us who know Billy, Billy is Billy. Loud, inspirational, encouraging......

Evelyn Jenkins
April 24, 2007

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