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Tae Bo Live Advanced remade #3 video

I decided to pop in my Tae Bo advanced live remade #3 and do a review. This is one of my favorites.


Front jabs
neck rolls
shoulder rolls
upper cuts
alternating side reaches
side delt lift with leg coming out


runners lunge with pushup
hamstring stretches
forward bend hamstring stretch
inner thigh/ankle stretch
forward bend hamstring stretch


1-2 punch with clap
one arm speedbag
alternating punches with 4 claps
knee up and contract abs
knee up punch
side delt lift with leg out
knee up punch
knee up and front front kick
1-2 punch w/clap
one arm speedbag
regular speedbag
knee up side kick
round house kick with jack
crossbody punch w/heel and toe
stationary round house w/ a hold at end
double time swivel kick(2 sets of 8)
squat with roundhouse
front back kick
double jabs
speedbag with 4 punches
shoulders side to side as you punch with quick foot movement(new move..excellent music)
side leg lift/obliques
side leg lift double time
side kick and tempo and then double time
1 arm speedbag and regular speedbag
machine gun kicks
machine gun kicks as you make a circle
plie hold...killer!
lunge hold with a leg is on fire!
plie hold on tippie toes...screaming!
fast steps with 3 punches...trying to keep up!
end abs (which work the quads as well)
Floorstretch or hamstrings and inner thigh

Music: Both Vocal ("Instant Replay", "Let it Whip", "Get my grove on", "Haven't you heard") and instrumental (which is very awesome and upbeat..goes great with the kicks and punches)

Both Shellie and Debbie are in this video. Billy is super energetic and smiling, coming up the the camera to encourage you and keep you going. Be prepared to sweat. The end standing leg work just about does me in completely. I start laughing because my legs don't want to do what my brain wants! Failure for sure. I love this tape because there is so much round house kicking which is my favorite Tae Bo move.

I traded TBLA 2 remade video because Shellie wasn't in it and the music was like the Tae Bo TV. All instrumental and I like the upbeat vocal music. Jasmine did the counting in The new TBLA 2.

Mandy Lee

I have not been this excited about a workout since forever. This is one unbelievable workout. The music absolutely kicks! Makes you WANT to move and move a lot! I was even continuing his reps during the breaks because the music and the energy were so incredible that I was in another world. I could have climbed a mountain with the energy that this video gave me. I have a library of about 100 workouts and have done about 2/3 of them. This one tops them all.

Instructor comments: Not only is this workout incredible, but Billy goes right along with it! I have never seen him like this and I have never seen him communicate so much with the people at home. He is so encouraging, so positive and so excited just to be doing what he's doing and it comes across. I can't say enough good about this workout or Billy in this workout!

Evelyn Jenkins
April 2, 2007

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