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Tae Bo Advanced Live Vol. 3

TBLadv 3 is fun, fun, fun! I can't decide if I like this one more than TBLadv 2 or not. The music isn't quite as good as adv2 but the combos are different from other tapes - this is my 4th adv TB video and I am not bored with them yet. Billy must really be trying to make each video unique enough to keep us ordering more.

Adv 3 is really tough cardio wise - prepare to sweat! Billy is in the "groove", he even shows jumping kicks for people with Karate experience (not me but it is really cool to watch). There is no floor work this time - you do all of the ab and leg work standing up. Since his last 2 adv tapes have done the floor ab work too fast for my taste (I have been skipping that part of the other tapes) it really didn't matter that he skipped it. There are lots of people from the infomercial in the background and you can see improvements in thier form since the infomercial was aired - very motivating!

Since the video has been broken down quite well already, I'll just say that this is another great Tae Bo video for my TB library.

Billy Blanks is so motivating. Everytime I do one of his workouts I feel so worthy and strong. He has a quality that he exudes in his workout videos that makes you feel like is is doing it for you.

Cinnamon Conrad
October 10, 1999

This is an excellent and energetic Tae Bo workout. It has no floorwork at the end. The warmup is really upbeat with nonvocal music that really gets you motivated to workout. The warmup consists of side punches, knee-ups, alternating punches, neck rolls, side stretches and a grapevine with punches. Billy gives some good stretches for the hip flexor with pushups. He also gives standing stretches for the hamstrings. This Tae Bo workout is fast pace with front punches, alternating punches, jumping jacks, horse stance with upper cuts, speedbag with a moving hamstring stretch. The kicks are never ending! Some of them include a knee up and a side kick, 3 point roundhouse kick, alternating roundhouse kicks, squat with a front kick, front kick and then roundhouse, front and back kick and then finally a hop front kick. Kicks are tough because the beat of the music is super fast. But Billy gives you a recovery time by alternating side jabs. One of the harder kicks is a round house kick as you hop around. A new move is a speedbag with a jab. Billy also has you do some fun bob and weaving with punches too. The end of the workout ends with some tough standing ab work using the legs too. I love it! I've seen incredible results in my abs doing Tae Bo. The music is excellent!! My favorite one brings back memories of highschool. It's the GoGo's, "Our Lips Are Sealed". Other songs are ,"Early in the Morning", "Stronger Together", "Aye Como Va", "Lover Come Back To Me", "Move On Up". The end is just a wee bit of Tai Chi but no stretch. I always add more stretching at the end of the workout since there are tons of kicks in this workout. All in all, another winner from Billy Blanks!

Instructor comments: Billy gets more relaxed with each live tape made. He is full of energy and shows excellent form on all the Tae Bo moves. he goes around the class motivating and holding his hand up for them to kick. He even jokes at the end with Shelly. He works up a sweat just as much as I do!

Mandy Lee

Taebo vol 3 is a little different from the first two. There is no floorwork. The whole workout is done standing. I enjoyed this workout. It was a good sweat and and was fun to do. I apologize that I can't make this review a little longer, but I don't remember many of the moves from this tape. Overall, I felt this was an advanced workout with a nice soundtrack. I'd give it an A.

Instructor comments: Billy is great! He has a special talent to motivate.

pat griffin


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