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Tae Bo Advanced Live Vol. 2

This is a very exciting Tae Bo workout! The beat is very very fast compared to his Tae Bo Basic tapes. A high beat compared to most aerobic tapes. The warm-up has this great energizing music. You do neck and shoulder rolls, side stretches and 16 plie squats. Then you do some good stretches for the hip flexor and then you do a pushup during the stretch which helps to deepen the stretch. Some other stretches are for the inner thigh and hamstring. Billy also warmups up your ankle too. The workout starts with jabs and jogging in place. This workout has both high impact and low impact. Some of the combinations are jab from corner to corner, horse stance with an upper cut, Jab with a jumping jack, 2 knee ups with 2 kicks and 4 jumping jacks. He also does a lot of standing ab work where you bring the knee up and contract the abs. This is one of the most effective exercises that has toned my abs like no other exercise video. But at first, my abs weren't used to this exercise so I didn't "feel" the abs working. But within a week, I could feel it working. So keep consistant with it! He does kicks at 1/2 tempo to teach you and then picks up the tempo and you go lightning fast! He also does a knee up and a side kick and this really gets the heartrate up. He then has you recover by doing a grapevine with a knee up. This is just a little bit of what he does in this video . He has a great variety of TAe Bo moves in this tape. I like it at 1/2 way through the workout, he says,"You're half way through, baby. I need 30 more minutes." It really is motivating! The toughest move is the 2 knee ups and alternating roundhouse kicks. It takes alot of balance and energy to finish! At the end of the workout, you do stationary dips and plies and my legs are burning! The floorwork is tough too. Donkey kicks, back kicks, knee raises, side leg lifts and round house kicks on your hands and knees and more. The ab work consists of crunches, fast sit-ups with an alternating leg raises and more. This is the best ab work in all Billy's tapes. There isn't any stretches at the end of this workout. Then Billy stands up and starts clapping and laughing. It is really a tough workout with great music! Some of the songs are "I'll Be There", "Push It","A little Bit of Ecstacy"," H.A.P.P.Y. Radio"', "Joystick", "If you Could Read My Mind". The music is very very energizing and upbeat. Really keeps you motivated. Billy is so encouraging. He goes throughout the class and says,"Keep going!". I like it how he holds his hand up to the camera to have you punch at him. I loved this workout. The set is bright with a pleasing to the eye red rug. There are all different sizes of people and the camera is always changing from Billy to the other people in the back so it's entertaining.It's the most exciting kickboxing workout I've done. I am advanced exerciser and this was a dripping with sweat video.

Billy Blanks is a great enthusistic teacher. He has an incredible "on camera" video disposition. He really communicates well and cares for his class. He gives good form tips to all the 50 people in his class. This is my favorite kickboxing workout. Tae Bo really does give results like no other tape. Within 2 weeks, I saw results.

Mandy Lee

I love this workout! It's very challenging and you can actually feel it working as you do it. It makes me feel strong and I think it's also a tension/stress reliever. I do have all the original ones & Adv. Vol 3 but there's something about this one that's addicting to me. The floor work at the end is brief but super intense. Hips are the problem area for me and I really feel them working. I know you can't spot train but I'd beg to differ when I'm doing this workout. The music is really motivating too. I was playing it for someone else to preview and ended up just getting up and doing 'cause the music and even the warm up makes me want to do the workout. Definately a great addition to your video collection.

Instructor comments: Very motivating. Is in excellent shape himself.


I enjoyed the first live advanced workout, but I felt it had a lot of flaws. This workout is much better. IT has a complete warmup. The workout has lots of kicking and puuching, but their is also alot of standing ab work. I did this workout 20 minutes ago and my abs are still burning. If you thought the holding plie squats from vol 1 were tough you must try this tape. My legs were really burning. The last 15 minutes of the workout is floorwork. This part was really HARD. Especially the ab work. If you enjoyed the original tae bo tapes, but disliked the first live advanced workout, give vol 2 a try. If you're like me, you'll be glad you did! (but you're quads and abs won't)

Instructor comments: Billy is great! Half way through this workout I usually fell tired and I'm drenched in sweat. Billy motivates me to make it through the rest of the workout. He has a special talent to motivate all.

pat griffin


This is my favorite of the Taebo live series. I have tried 1,2 and 3. I like the music in this one and I like the pace. The workout just flies by. I can do this workout every day and not get bored. Billy seems more into this workout than he does in 1 and 3. After two weeks of doing this workout 4 days a week and doing Donna Richardson's toning segment of the Three Day Rotation on the days I didn't do Taebo, I noticed an incredible difference. My abs are much more defined. My triceps are no longer flabby and my butt and thighs are much stronger. This workout is tough, but stick with it, it works!

Instructor comments: Billy is very motivational although I find myself yelling at him because he keeps saying one more time and does about 5 more. I like his energy and I like the way he works his way around the room to motivate everybody.

jen canfield

Jasmine and blond Michelle are in the background with Jasmine counting. Shellie isn't in this workout.
This is one of Billy's famous Tae Bo live! Advanced workouts filmed on a huge Tae Bo set with lots of people exercising. There is even a young 9 year old girl in the background. The music is mixed generic songs with songs with lyrics such as "Be Who You Want To Be", "Dance(Disco Heat)", "Oye Coma Va", "Tesla Girls", "Early in the Morning", "Do You Love Me".
I missed Shellie not being there but Jasmine does a great job at counting along with her great form and enthusiasm.
The Tae Bo warmup is thorough with some floor stretches.
This is the order of Tae Bo choreography:

*Jabs & Cross punches(slow and fast)
*Fast Jabs w/ leg front and back
*Heel toe high impact
*Left knee up/Right knee up
*Alternating Jabs
*3 Jabs and cross to the side fast
*One arm speedbag then both arms
*1-2-3 Knee
*Roundhouse Kick
*Knee Strikes slow then double time
*Alternating Knee strike then *side kick
*Knee Up with moves
*Knee Front Kick with Jab
*Knee Up with Rainbow arms
*Jab & Upper cuts
*Jab and Upper cuts fast to the side
*Stationary Roundhouse Kicks
*Back Kicks
*Side to side jabs fast
*2 Knees w/kick and punch
*side Kicks
*Alternating side kicks
*Staning knee in strikes
*Fast criss cross punches/hi impact
*Side Leg lifts
*Fast dig in upper cuts
*Sun punches
*Horse Stance bicep curls into lat down pulls
*Pushups(Billy comes up to the camera real close saying"I'm in your face!"
*Laying on your back butt lifts
*Laying on your back 1 leg butt lifts
*Ab crunchs(hardly any)
*Final floor stretch

There are different age groups as well as body types in this gathering.

Instructor comments: Billy Blanks is encouraging and motivating. He cheers you on and even comes up to the camera with his whole face in the camera. It makes me laugh and feel like he is right there with me in my home.



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