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Tae Bo Live Advanced Volume 12

I decided to do TBAL12 today and I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. The warmup is shorter and has no floor stretches only some calf stretches but he does give you a speedbag roll with hamstring stretch after some combinations.

This workout has the most variety of kicks in it. I think it has "the" most kicks of all of the Tae Bo(side kicks,roundhousekicks,swivel kicks, front kicks, back kicks, machine gun kicks and on and on). It's not as fast pace as #6 or #8 because Billy will stop you just in time when you feel worn out. The music rocks. Especially during this one side kick move. Endorphins were flying:)! They are still working! Can't you tell?:)Ha! There is also some really tough standing leg work at the end. Isometric lunges and plie/squats. He also has you do some really really tough standing roundhouse and back kicks. Even Debbie is rubbing her butt!LOL! I was laughing because it was so tough. And when I start to laugh, that means I'm pushing myself to the limit! Also the microphone on Shellie wasn't very loud so for those of you who hate to hear counting all the time, this may be the Tae Bo for you. It was very low. He ends with some ab work and also a very tough set of pushups. Be prepared to go 3 down and 3 up and also hold it in the pushup position! The cooldown is Tai Chi with a LONG motivational religious speech.

There is one slow part where he does some half time moves. But then you do some very tough roundhouse kicks afterward so I was happy for the rest. He also stops and wants the music turned down and tell's you to NOT give up. But you can just jog in place. IT's nice to hear Billy talking because it really helps me to not give up.

Very fun! Great variety of kicks. tons of different roundhouses to machine gun kicks Very sweaty! One of my favorites.

Billy is always coming up the camera and encouraging you to push yourself. Sweat is flying in the camera. He asks you are you ready for summer? I really do feel like a part of the class.

Mandy Lee

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