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Tae-bo Live Advanced Volume 11

Billy Blanks

I just don't understand why fitness instructors don't get it. In all of Billy's Advanced Lives, when the good music comes on, everyone goes nuts and it drives the energy in the room up 100% so why, why, why, why do they play that instrumental music with no personality. This vid had several "spots" of good music - a rap song, some familiar tunes like Vacation by the Gogos and a Bruce Springstein tune, but 75% of the video was that boring instrumental stuff that makes me want to shut it off and do something else! I have yet to find an advanced live that compares to #3 in music and I've done 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11.

The moves were typical but he does throw in a few new ones. I find that when he goes "double time" with a lot of those kicks and leg moves, you lose your form 100% and it just becomes sloppy. So, when he did the moves at "lightening speed" I just did them slower and get a better burn. As with them all, I stayed in my target, but this one wasn't as enjoyable. Thorough but not enjoyable (for me anyway). No floor work on this one either. He does some standing abs, but that's it.

Instructor comments: Billy was his usual self in this. He does a lot of that motivational stuff in this one including a long speech at the end. Nothing different with him here. You can expect the same old Billy.
May 17, 2007

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