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Tae-bo Live Advanced Volume 10

Billy Blanks

This video is very focused on standing ab work. You do the usual kicking and punching interspersed with standing ab work for about 40 minutes. The, you go to the floor for leg work on all fours. You see a lot of the same stuff in Slim Series workouts, except Billy does one leg and then the other. Then on to your back for some short but very intense ab work. After that he gets you back up for more standing ab work and kicks and punches. It concludes with a very nice TaiChi cooldown and stretch.

There is very little uneven counting in this one.


Instructor comments: Billy is excellent in this video. He gets right up in the camera and has you punch his hands, etc. He stops part way through to encourage you to do the remainder of the workout, that you need to use your spirit and your will and push yourself.

Peggy T

May 2007

This is just another one of his great advanced lives. In this particular video he does a section of bun burners where you're on all fours and he just doesn't stop until your butt is on fire - a bit too much I think! He also does a decent stomach segment. He works you just hard enough in this video to where you're exhausted but not begging for mercy - just glad it's over because you're so tired. This video has a decent mix of everything and the music is also decent. I say "decent" not dynamite, but decent enough where I'd probably do this one a few more times. It's a guaranteed sweatfest. I'm an advanced exerciser and I don't know how - but at the end of this video, I was DONE!

Instructor comments: Billy's his usual self. Very inspiring and encouraging in this one. I'm used to Billy being relentless in his pushing, but in this video he still pushes, but he is gentler.

Evelyn Jenkins
November 27, 2007

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