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Tae Bo Power Rounds

Billy Blanks

Not a good workout! I am a huge fan of Billy Blanks & Tae Bo, but these workouts were very disappointing. I have the 2-DVD set which includes the little red squishy balls. Although relatively intense moves are used in both workouts, I felt that there were too many "pauses" in between the "rounds" and my heart rate hit rock bottom! Also, both workouts are too short. If you want a quickie workout that's over before you know it started, this might be for you. If you're a hard-core cardio fan as I am, I would recommend the Circuit or Boot Camp workouts. (I must add that at first I thought the squishy balls were rediculous, but I now use them with almost all of my cardio workouts to add intensity!)

Instructor comments: I love Billy. He is very inspiring & motivating, and these workouts are no exception.


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