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Tae Bo Fat Blasting Workout

Billy Blanks

This is an excellent workout. He uses the bands and it's really, really tough. The workout gets you so that you're profusely sweating and working hard, but you never leave the "aerobic" energy system so you're burning fat the whole time through. That's what I love about it. You work hard, you sweat, all the exercises are effective and it doesn't go overboard where you're at the anaerobic threshold for most of the workout (like most tough videos (including most of his). This is a keeper and it's for those days where you're energy is not 110% and you still want a kickbutt all around effective workout. I love it and I'm a very advanced exerciser.

Instructor comments: It's vintage Billy. Calling for Jesus when he needs it - encouraging, yelling - it's just Billy Blanks and if you know Billy, you know that his demeanor doesn't change from one workout to the next!!

Denise Berger
November 9, 2006

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