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Tae Bo 2004 Capture the Power: Energy

Billy Blanks

This is the only one of the three Capture the Power workouts not to use the 1/2 lb squishy balls. It's a straight 45 minute cardio workout (about 30 minutes of cardio with about 7 minutes each of warm up and cooldown), though intermediates may have a hard time keeping their heartrates up consistently thoughout because the pace slows down significantly as each new combo is done a few times slowly before going at tempo, or "energy" as Billy calls it.

The Capture the Power set uses the concept of numbering the punches and kicks which is fully explained in the Foundation video, but is not hard to pick up for anyone who has done Tae Bo or other kickboxing workouts. The warm up and cooldown sections are longer than previous Tae Bo workouts, and emphasize the tai chi movements more which I really liked. The warm up also includes some tough one-armed planks which I usually do with my knees on the floor.

This is not my favourite Tae Bo workout. It feels slower than the old Basics and the new Tae Bo Cardio workout which I find myself reaching for more frequently and is probably a better introduction for Tae Bo newbies.

Instructor comments: Billy's cueing is better overall, but he still does not mirror cue. He is still inspiring and high energy.

Kate Hedstrom


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